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Market Tea Leaves Commentary

By now you’ve had the opportunity to review our website, free eBook, videos, etc. to get an idea on what Market Correlation is and how to use it.

This however, is only the beginning.

As a subscriber, you’ll be entitled to the following:

  • A snapshot of where the markets are 1st thing in the morning. We start at 4 AM EST and look at Asia and where Europe is beginning to trade.
  • An initial conclusion as to where the market is – is it correlated or un-correlated?
  • News Items that will have an impact on the markets.
  • Currencies – the Swiss Franc vs the USD – you’ll get a chart of both from the previous day and where you could potentially capitalize on a trade.
  • Daily Bias – what we think could happen in the markets on that day.
  • Commentary on events that are driving the markets.
  • Thought provoking videos on how to use Market Correlation in tandem with your trading.
  • Future Issues or Concerns.
  • Interviews with trading leaders.
  • News articles that have been published.
  • Daily Bias video that will explain why we came to the conclusion we did for that day. This is only available to subscribers.

And you’ll get all this prior to 6 AM EST, 3.5 hours BEFORE the market opens.

The entire cost for all the above is $24.95. That’s less than a dollar a day!

You can’t get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal for that price today. Now are we going to ask you to follow us blindly? No. We’ll give you a two week trial of Market Tea Leaves. If, after that time you aren’t convinced that Market Tea Leaves can help you in your trading endeavors, you owe us nothing.

Just cancel your subscription prior to the two weeks, no questions asked.

If you like what you see and hear, then do nothing and your PayPal account will be billed. Click on the PayPal button below to get started.

Thank you for visiting us and best wishes in your trading endeavors.