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Introducing Market Correlation

Hello, I’m Nick Mastrandrea, the Author of Market Tea Leaves. Market Tea Leaves discusses and teaches a strategy called Market Correlation.

Now you might be asking what is Market Correlation and what does it have to do with trading? Market Correlation is a strategy; it’s an analysis of where the market stands at a given moment and is used to determine market direction for that day. We produce this first thing in the morning, every morning of every trading day with the intent of giving you the trader an advantage of knowing where the market stands in the early AM hours.

You will know:

  • What was the overnight session like for Asia and where does Europe stand now?
  • Where do the US markets stand now?
  • What special challenges will we have in the upcoming trading session?
  • What is our bias in the upcoming trading session?
  • What is driving these markets higher or lower?
  • Are the markets correlated or uncorrelated?

These are only a few of the advantages you’ll get with Market Tea Leaves. We also talk about news items that are driving the markets, what is the best time to trade and why? You’ll also get educational and thought provoking videos that teach market correlation.

Now you might be asking yourself “how did I come about this strategy?” I’ve been trading for over 20 years. At one time I held a NASD Series 7 license and currently hold a Life, Health and Variable Authority.

I had noticed over the years that markets seem to do better or worse when certain conditions are present. Over time I realized that markets tend to gravitate towards those conditions regardless of whatever happened during the course of the trading day. But I kept on asking myself “why doesn’t everyone know this?” This was the birth of Market Correlation.

As traders we risk our hard earned trading capital every day we trade. Market Tea Leaves was developed with the express purpose of doing two things: 1. Keep you on the right side of the market and 2. Preserve your hard earned trading capital. This is regardless of whatever level of trader you are: beginner, novice or experienced.

Thus far our ratio in terms of where we say the market will close at the end of the day is 75-80%. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to put the odds in your favor?

Signup for Market Tea Leaves, because without Market Correlation, you’re guessing.