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About Us

Good Day, Good Evening, Good Morning wherever you are in the world.  I’m Nick Mastrandrea from Market Tea Leaves and I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to our site.  I trust that you’ll find the information interesting and thought provoking.

My idea with this site is to provide you with the benefit of my 20 plus years of trading.  We discuss and teach Market Correlation.  But perhaps a better question is what is Market Correlation?  In Forex and currency markets we’ve long known about the concept of paired currencies.  USD vs Yen, Swiss Franc vs the Euro, The Euro vs the USD.  My thought with Market Correlation was is it possible to use this concept with the overall markets in general?

For years I studied this concept and when I tested it, I was amazed at what I discovered.  What I found was that with Market Correlation it was possible to determine beforehand where the market would go on any given day.  Upside, downside, sideways or neutral.  Over time we determined that these concepts work 75-80% of the time.  Does it work 100% of the time.  No and anyone who tells you that their concept or strategy works 100 percent of the time isn’t being very truthful with you.  The truth no one is correct 100 percent of the time.  Why?  The markets can change at a moment’s notice.  Either a news report comes that has the capacity to change market direction or some geopolitical event occurs somewhere in the world and this will impact markets.  Sad to say but very true.

I can tell you what Market Tea Leaves isn’t.  It isn’t some Holy Grail or magic indicator.  Believe me I’ve looked for over 20 years and I couldn’t find it.  Market Tea Leaves is a way and means of dissecting the markets to determine market direction for that day.  We don’t make calls on where to buy and where to sell.  We don’t make recommendations on stocks or what futures to buy and sell.  We do use market correlation as a way and means to trade and we show you how to do this.

What you’ll get with Market Tea Leaves is:

  • A snapshot of where the markets are 1st thing in the morning.  We literally do this at 4 AM EST so we can see where the Asian market closed and Europe is beginning to trade.
  • An initial conclusion as to where the market is – is it correlated or un-correlated?
  • News items that will have an impact on the markets
  • Currencies – The Swiss Franc vs the USD – you’ll get a chart of both from the previous day and where you could potentially capitalize on a trade.
  • Daily Bias – what we think could happen in the markets on that day.
  • Commentary on events that’s driving the markets.
  • Thought provoking videos on how to use Market Correlation in tandem with your trading.
  • Future Concerns or Issues.
  • Interviews with trading leaders
  • News articles that have been published
  • Daily Bias video.  Each day you’ll receive our daily bias video that explains why we came to the conclusion that we did for that day.  This is only available to subscribers.

About The Author Of This Site

Nick Mastrandrea is the author of Market Tea Leaves. Market Tea Leaves is a daily newsletter dedicated to your trading success.  We discuss and teach market correlation. Market Tea Leaves is published daily, pre-market in the United States and can be viewed at www.markettealeaves.com   Nick has over 20 years experience in trading and formerly held a NASD Series 7.  He currently holds a NJ Life, Health and Variable Authority.  Nick is a published writer and his work has appeared in Futures Magazine, TraderPlanet and others.  Interested in Market Correlation?  Want to learn more?  Signup and receive Market Tea Leaves each day prior to market open.  As a subscriber, you’ll also receive our daily Market Bias video that is only available to subscribers, but you must subscribe in order to receive.  FREE 7 Day Trial & eBOOK.  Signup today and start winning...